Centrally located in Northern Colorado, come see why we’re the laser tag destination for Loveland, Fort Collins, Longmont, Greeley, Windsor, and beyond!  You are immersed in the ancient Egyptian theme the minute you walk through the archways into the briefing room. The wow factor continues as you navigate the 3-level, 5700 square foot themed maze and contend with the Pharaoh, an interactive arena target.  The arena is filled with fog to make the lasers and flashing lights more visible.  Music and black-lighting add to the atmosphere. You’ve never played laser tag like this!

LLT Fun Center proudly utilizes state-of-the-art Gen7 Supernova equipment, made here in Loveland at Laserforce’s US headquarters. Each battlesuit has 20 hit sensors, 12 full-color LEDs, shoulder speakers with digital speech & SFX, and a 2-handed phaser with a special feature button for advanced abilities. And our Laserforce system offers a unique handicap & power-up system to keep things challenging game after game.

The standard game of laser tag is played with 2-3 teams, but the sky is the limit! We can run a variety of game types such as Zombies vs. Survivors, Highlander, Space Marines, and Shadows, each with their own unique twists.  Ask your game marshal about our special game types during your next visit!

Loveland Laser Tag’s next-generation experience offers a variety of Living Arena features, including 3 bases, a warbot, and a generator with a giant interactive video display.  Even our special effects are tied into the game.  Set a nuke off or catapult your team into the lead and watch the lighting and sound effects react!

New in 2015: Find and destroy the 4 glowing gems to reveal a hidden base worth 5,000 points.  But watch out, because it will zap you back!  And trigger a 3rd-floor meltdown or grant your entire team rapid fire with our brand-new Beacons.

The next big thing in laser tag is here: Laser Tag Achievements! Earn badges for completing in-game objectives. Over 75 to earn, with many more to come. Collect them all!

Achievements are collected through completing various in-game challenges such as the effective use of a particular special ability or by carrying out specific tasks. If you are successful in completing a challenge, an Achievement will appear permanently on your profile at the members kiosk in recognition of your accomplishment.

  • Choose your own unique codename
  • Level up and earn new power-ups
  • Unlock laser tag achievements
  • View your ranking and stats online
  • Load your card with arcade credits – no more tokens or tickets!

The adventure doesn’t have to stop once you go home.  Now you can check your stats and ranking online at Laserforce’s new members website, www.iplaylaserforce.com.  This players hub will grow over time to become the central spot to interact with other players, view your stats, and customize your experience.

New! Check Your Stats & Ranking Online

Laser Tag Briefing
Laser Tag Briefing

Space Marines Briefing
Space Marines Briefing

Zombies vs. Survivors Briefing
Zombies vs. Survivors Briefing

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